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  Welcome. Our website gives you time-tested advice and solid recommen-dations on pregnancy, labor, delivery, babies and toddlers. The information contained on this website is not the opinion of a doctor or medical professional. This information should be viewed as the sole opinion of the staff at and therefore should not relied upon as the basis for making any medical decisions as we are not medical professionals. What you will find on our website is a collection of practical knowledge based upon the experience of a plethora of mothers, ranging in   
        age, to provide a complete and up-to-date resource that readers can draw upon during pregnancy and beyond. The articles are candid, and written as if we are speaking directly to a good friend or family member. Pregnancy and child rearing can and will bring about questions you always thought you’d know the answer to. There are so many things to think of and so many choices to make, everything from which pregnancy test will work best, all the way to potty training and play dates. 

Our pregnancy pages will guide you light-heartedly though home pregnancy tests and morning sickness.  We’ll be there with advice on your baby shower and packing for the hospital. We’ll tell you how picking a baby name doesn’t need to be that stressful and how telling your boss you’re pregnant needs to be done with finesse. We also know that buying maternity clothes can actually be fun…and so will showing off your new growing chest. Also, enjoy articles on your diaper bag, labor pains, picking a doctor, and the age old question; Breast or bottle? If our less-than-medical advice is not exactly what you are looking for, we also have a list of highly recommended books as well.

Our infant pages will make you chuckle with articles that cover diaper bags and what to put in them, a new baby checklist, teething, crawling, how to choose a day care and of course, baby toys. We also enjoy discussing all your baby’s firsts: First haircut, first birthday, first holiday, first play date and much, much more. You might even look to design your own custom birthday invitations for your little one.

Toddlers are fun and fast. If you’re not careful they may wear you out. On our toddler pages we look at ways to defuse a tantrum, graduate from a bottle to a sippy-cup, stop the infernal biting, and important questions to ask at pre-school. After a long day of potty-training and watching cartoons with commercials of all the new toddler “must-haves”, we also give you tips on how to get your little one to stay in bed. For those days you just need a break, we’ll help you find the perfect babysitter, so you and Dad can go out…or stay in and catch up on some sleep.

“Parents are often so busy with the physical rearing of children that they miss the glory of parenthood, just as the grandeur of the trees is lost when raking leaves.”


~Marcelene Cox

In other words, have fun & enjoy the ride.

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