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  Announcing your pregnancy is an amazing time in your life. You get to tell everyone that you’re expecting a sweet little bundle of joy. Telling your partner should be the first thing on your mind. Let them know that you are pregnant and let them bask in the glory of becoming a parent (again?). Discuss with your partner who should be the first people to know about your expected arrival. Obviously grandparents and close family and friends would be high on your list. However, you may want to wait until your first trimester is under your belt (literally and figuratively) before making the Big Announcement to every body else. Get through   
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  the critical first three months and you’ll be in the safe zone. Everyone will be truly happy for you and you can spend hours talking about what a great parent you’ll be. You can count on every mom you tell, to retell their own birth stories and to give out tidbits of advice. Take it all in, these stories and advice are every other mothers way of welcoming you to motherhood, and of reassuring you that you’re not alone.
Now that your family and friends are elated, you need to think of someone else…your boss. Telling the boss needs to be done delicately. If you have a boss with kids, great! They, more than likely, will be happy for you and willing to help you out any way possible. However, if you work for an insensitive bastard, with or without kids, I suggest you speak to Human Resources first. Find out your companies policies and procedures regarding Maternity/Paternity leave. Then ask how to approach your boss. If you don’t have a HR Dept. and need to go to your boss directly, come prepared knowing what you’re entitled to. If you plan on taking maternity or paternity leave bring along a rough estimate of when and how long you plan to be off of work. Ask if your company would consider letting you work part time from home if you need the money, or if you need more time off than your company allows.
All in all, making The Big Announcement will relieve a lot of stress because then you’ll be able to openly talk about it…and you will…you’ll never shut up. You’ll start finding ways to drop it into conversations with strangers and you’ll wish everyday for someone new to tell and to talk about it with. Enjoy your Big Announcement, it can prove to be a lot of fun.

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