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    Diaper Bag Checklist

It has been said that a well-packed diaper bag can make or break the parent of an infant. It has everything you need. You’ll never be stuck wrapping your kids bottom with paper towel, and you won’t be worried about second guessing an off brand formula that you had to buy at an out-of-town gas station. You’ll have boo boo’s, tummy-aches, and emergency nap times covered. Having your own Diaper Bag Checklist will keep you sane and keep you moving through your day without worrying about needing something. Consult your Diaper Bag Checklist before you leave the house, making sure all items are present and accounted for. A good idea would be to keep the list in the side pocket of your diaper bag. If you’re low on something and/or need to add something to your bag, add it to your list when you think of it, so that you won’t be missing it later, when you need the item the most. Below, please see what a sample Diaper Bag Checklist might look like.

     •   2-4 Bibs (more, if baby is teething)
     •   Extra baby outfit
     •   Changing Pad
     •   Diapers (always bring at least 4-6 more than you think you’ll need)
     •   Plastic bags (to store those used diapers when no trash can is available)
     •   Hand Sanitizer (you may find that you require larger than travel size)
     •   Fully stocked container of travel wipes (also great for spills, hands & face)
     •   Extra bottles, formula, baby food, juice, etc.
     •   Extra Pacifier (or two)
     •   Teething ring
     •   1-2 Toys
     •   Breast-pads (if you’re nursing)
     •   Baby Sun Block
     •   2-4 Cloth Diapers / Spit-up Rags
     •   1 Receiving Blanket
     •   1 Large Blanket (for blocking wind over baby carrier)
     •   First Aid Kit Basics: Infant Tylenol, Infant Motrin, Diaper Rash Cream, Band-aids, Gas Drops,
         Aspirator, & Thermometer

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