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    Getting a "Big Kid" Bed
  Wow, time flies. You little bundle of joy is outgrowing the crib and itís time to buy a Big Kid Bed. Start by mentioning to your toddler that they are no longer a baby, and they are getting too big for their crib. Show them how your bed, and perhaps a siblings bed, is different from their crib. Take them for a few shopping trips, just to check out some toddler beds. Let them see them all, touch them, and lay on them (if possible). Take into consideration the color and size of their room. Take measurements and being a tape measure to the store with you. You can also take a virtual shopping trip and check out some toddler beds online. Make sure your not over-spending on a bed that your little one will only be sleeping in for a few short years.

Once you find a bed that you and your toddler agree on, and dad has put it together, put it in your
        childís room, with their crib. If space does not permit this, than leave the bed in your front/family room for a day or two and let your little one get used to it. Sometimes the transition to a new, big kid bed, can be difficult. Giving your toddler time to get used to the bed, before they actually have to sleep in it, is advised.

Now that your toddler is ready sleep in their bed, itís also time to take down the crib. Make a big deal out of this. Maybe even have a mini-celebration. Your little angel is a big kid now, and they should be proud of themselves.

If at bedtime, your find that your newly appointed ďBig KidĒ, becomes a nighttime adventurer due to lack of a crib wall, please see our section on getting your toddler back to bed.

Enjoy this time in your toddlers life. The seemingly insignificant change of getting a big kid bed is one of signs that your little is no longer a baby. They are a sweet, smiling, angelic toddler, sleeping in a Big Kid bed.

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