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Packing for the Hospital
You never know when that moment of “It’s time” might come. Not so surprisingly, many people forget things on their rush out the door. It's for this very reason that we suggest you have your bag for the hospital packed a few weeks before your expected due date. The following is a general list of suggested items that could possibly be packed or needed for your upcoming hospital stay. Each person/couple will obviously have items that are personal to them to be added to their own list(s), but we hope you find this list useful.


Recommended Reads
  • Birth plan…make absolutely certain that your needs and wants are being met
  • Insurance card and/or relevant medical information
  • Nightgown…unless you prefer the paper-thin stylish gowns the hospital provides.
  • Robe & Slippers…for long leisurely strolls in an effort to bring on labor
  • Thick Slipper Socks…your little tootsies will get chilly during labor
  • Extra Pillow
  • Eyeglasses…at this point, contacts won’t cut it
  • Book/Magazine
  • MP3/CD Player…if music is your thing, bring it
  • Change for vending machine/pay phone
  • Camera w/ charger, memory card(s), and a spare battery…you can’t afford to miss this
  • Cell Phone & Charger
  • Snacks for Dad…this could potentially be a long haul and Dad will need refreshments
  • Phone numbers of people that Mom & Dad want called when the little one arrives
  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Hairbrush
  • Make-up…if you’re the sassy type and want to look hot in all those pictures
  • Deodorant…or your can use that roll-on, slimy kind you get at the hospital
  • Lip Balm…trust us, you’ll want the lip balm
  • Hand Lotion…take as many massages as you can get
  • Pony-tail holders and/or hair clips…sweaty labor + hair in your face = uncomfortable
  • Change of clothes to go home in…think comfy, not frumpy
  • Maternity Bra & Panties…remember honey, this is only temporary
  • Infant Car Seat…have it tested by your local fire department for proper installation
  • Going home outfit for baby w/ cap, booties and mittens
  • Baby Blanket

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