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    Picking a Baby Name
  Picking a name for baby is not as easy as some would think. You can take the Holly- wood approach and name your baby something obscure and random. You can name your baby after a city, river, or plant. You can name your baby after Aunt Mable or Grammy Beth. You can give them the name of your favorite actor. They can also be named after mommy or daddy.

The choices are endless when contemplating the perfect name for your baby. You will undoubtedly have many, many suggestions from those  

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  closest to you. Listen to every single one, yet agree to nothing. This is your child; your legacy. What you name your baby will be placed on baby announcements. It will be called aloud in kindergarten and high school graduation. It will be engraved on your child’s future wedding announcements and Christmas cards. Therefore it is recommended that you try your best to think about names as soon as possible. This will allow you time to marinate on the potential name. Call the name out loud. Try to think what they will be calling your kid on the playground 6 years from now. Sing the “Name Game”. Look up the origin of the name.

When it’s all said and done, the choice is yours. Be proud of the name you give your child, and prepare yourself for saying (or yelling) it often.


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