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  It’s time. The moment of truth. Your period is definitely late and now you’re itching to know if you could be pregnant. With a little research, and/or a few calls to your closest friends, you’ll soon have an idea of where to go, and opinions on the best brands of at home pregnancy tests. Some of the most common and highly advertised brands would include Clearblue Easy, EPT, Fact Plus, and First Response. Just about any brand will do the trick, however, use common sense and steer clear of brands you’ve never heard of, or brands whose price tag is too-good-to-be-true. These are more than likely not as reliable as the brands we all know and love.   
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Okay, you’ve bought your test. Whether you're alone, with the could-be father, or a close friend, you’re going to need to take some deep breaths and head to the bathroom. The next few moments will undoubtedly feel like hours. When the time is finally up, take a
few more deep breaths for clarity, and check the results.

If your test is negative and you were hoping for a positive result, relax. Stressing out won’t help your mental state. Take solace in the embrace of your significant other or a close friend. Plan to speak with your doctor if you have medical concerns. If you have only just begun trying, you could start planning a sexy evening for you & your loved one to try again. Remember the famous saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”.
On the other hand, if your test was negative and you’re happy about it, smile, and vow to be more careful in the future.

If your test is positive you’ll need to contemplate who to tell first. Some choose the father, some choose their doctor, or some choose a trusted friend/relative. This is a very personal moment. You may wish to celebrate with bells and whistles and a flurry of phone calls, or you could be one of those women who will fall into a state of shock for a little while. Either way, you have much thinking to do. It is at this moment, that it’s perfectly okay for it to be “all about you”.

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