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  If you already are, or have just decided to be a Stay-at-Home mom, you have made an excellent choice. You will always have the time to sing a child to sleep at naptime, kiss a scraped knee, and never miss a play date. You will be right there for every smile, every giggle, and every tear…and you'll most likely be catching it all on camera. You’ll have the time to place these many pictures into online albums, photo contests, and a fantastically lavish scrapbook, which you'll be prepared to whip out at a moment's notice. You are the classic Mom. You are the cookies-after-school and dinner by 5 Mom. You deserve all the credit you’re worth; for all that you do everyday.     
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If you already are, or have recently decided to become a Career Mom (Woman), you have also made an excellent choice. You have given your child the opportunity to bond with other family members or possibly socialize with other babies while you’re out there makin’ the bacon for a better life for you and your child. You have time spent outside the home and outside of your family that represents you. A part of your life that defines you from the family unit; the part that lets you shine. You love being a mommy just as much as the stay-at-home mom…and you pull it off gracefully. You can sing a lullaby into your blue tooth earpiece while sipping coffee and spell checking a purchase order. You can plan a day and detail it down to the minute. You deserve all the credit you’re worth; for all that you do everyday. 

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