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There really is no way of getting around it. Teething. Teething is not the most fun youíll have with your baby, but you can get through it. There are many ways to ease the pain of cutting teeth. Have your doctor suggest a pain reliever (usually Tylenol) if your baby seems to be in pain and/or running a low-grade fever. Purchase liquid-filled teething rings and either refrigerate or freeze them for cooling relief to your little ones gums. Trust us, when your baby is teething in the middle of the night and all you can think of is sleep, youíll want some quick tips at hand. Teething babies needs to bite! You could use an ice-cold washcloth for baby to bite on, itís very soothing to the gums or you could try teething gel, such as Baby Orajel for a gum-numbing effect. Also, let baby gnaw on frozen bagels and waffles. (Bonus, they catch drool)

        Speaking of drool, make sure you keep baby in a bib at all times (except nap time) if you want to keep his/her clothing clean. Keep a few spare bibs on you at all times during the teething phase. Wet clothing or a wet bib against the face will cause irritation to babyís skin. Plus, your sweetie will look that much cuter in a clean bib and clothes. Those cloth diapers you got for your shower really start to come in handy. They can be used to wipe your little oneís face, or wipe up drool from their toys and your furniture. You can also tie a knot or two into them and give them to baby to chew on.
Teething wonít be so bad. Itís a unique developmental process for every child, and a learning process for every parent..


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