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    Toddler Birthday Parties
  It’s Birthday time! Your little one is having a birthday and you feel a celebration coming on.

The first step is to choose a theme for your party and work from there. Once you have the theme picked, then you can purchase your paper products accordingly. You will need invitations, thank-you cards, napkins, plates and cups. You can also choose matching decorations, a piñata, balloons, streamers, paper tablecloths, treat bags, etc. etc. The list goes on and on, and you could literally go broke buying up all the matching items. We would suggest you buy a few things with your theme on it, and buy the rest in a matching color to save on costs. You can find many retailers online that will give you a much better price break than what you’ll find at the local party store.
        Now that you’ve got your theme, it’s time to pick a date. A weekend usually works for most people. Be considerate when choosing a date and time for your party. Also keep in mind that toddlers have short attention spans, so try to keep your party under 2 hours. Trust us, you’ll be thankful that you did.

Who should you invite? Close family and friends. Your child is still too little to have a giant party with a ton of people. They could become overwhelmed quickly and could potentially have a toddler meltdown, aka tantrum. Keep the list of attendees to a minimum. Send out your invites no more than 3 weeks before the party and no less than two weeks before so that you give your guests time to plan, but not enough time to lose the invitation. If your child uses crayons, feel free to let them draw a little something on the inside of the invites. Let them feel a part of the process.

What to serve? Serve something easy to clean up and easy to serve. Some suggestions would include the following:
    •  Individual Juice Boxes
    •  Bottles Waters
    •  Deli, bread, and cheese tray
    •  Veggie & Dip Tray
    •  Hotdogs
    •  Hamburgers
    •  Mini Taco’s
    •  Crackers
    •  Pretzels
    •  Cupcakes
    •  Ice Cream Sandwiches
    •  A Cake with white frosting (unless you want yellow/red/blue handprints everywhere)

Should there be activities? Of course there should be activities at the birthday party. Think about having a piñata, coloring contest, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, bubble-blowing fun, or even a short, fun video. The level of activities depends on the age of your child and the other children that will be attending his/her party. Whatever activities you decide to have, make sure that everyone who participates gets a prize, should you decide to give them out. Making all the prizes the same will keep away any jealous tears.

When the party is all over, and you’ve fully recovered, you’ll need to send out thank you cards. It’s a nice idea to have your child help out. Thank your guest(s) for coming and for the gift that they brought. Explain to your child what your doing and who your thanking, and for what item. If they feel up to it, have your child draw a picture on the inside, left-hand side of the card. If You took photos of your guests at the party, including a nice photo of them is a lovely touch.

At the conclusion of your very successful party, congratulate yourself for pulling it off. Congratulate your toddler for being well behaved. Thank everyone who helped you get through the day, and rest up…you only have one year until the next party.

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